Welcome to Teo's digital patch

Current projects

TeMa, TeMu, TeAs - stack-based computer, emulator, assembler and applications (older Swift version)

Older projects

Hand Drawn - 99 days of drawing hands

Recently read

Plato's Republic (Richard W. Sterling and William C. Scott translation)

Recently wrote

The DocuWave subgenre


Paper & ink - Fountain pens are best for combining them
Books - Paper & ink in the service of information
Computers - Infinite possibilities
Coffee - I roast my own

Sites i recommend visiting

Hundred Rabbits - inspiring in visual, technical and aural dimensions
The Digital Antiquarian - deep dives into old but interesting video games
Mindscape podcast - site of the mind stimulating podcast (with transcripts)
Austin Kleon's blog - full of insights about the creative life
Craig Mod's website - Craig is deeply dedicated to the beautiful artefacts of craftsmanship