In the last year i have fallen in love with a very niche subgenre of music. So niche, in fact, that i don't think it has a name. So, for lack of one, i will name this genre DocuWave.
I'll explain.

This new genre of "mine" shares a lot of traits with the other xWave genres such as RetroWave, SynthWave and VaporWave in that they refer, through a certain style of rhythm and instrumentation, to a time when New Wave was actually new, a time in the 1980 when synthesizers were still instruments that you could tell apart by their unique sound and limited soundbanks.

The main difference between these and DocuWave is the frequent inclusion of soundbites from documentary programs from that era, such as Towards/Beyond 2000, Computer Chronicles, Nova and generally (english) news or documentary broadcasts commenting on the explosive emergence of (computer) technology of that time.

I'm listing here the examples of this genre that i have found so far as well as link to a playlist where they can be heard. So far i have:

I post this here in the hope that others will enjoy this subgenre and that, perhaps they will discover new examples they, in turn, will share with me.