Solving reload flicker on Raspberry Pi Chromium.

Recently i had occasion to create a minimal interactive kiosk device using a Raspberry Pi and the official 7" touch display.

The way i satisfied my requirements was to boot a minimal Raspbian directly into full-screen Chromium displaying a specific web-page. Since the kiosk would be displaying timely information i needed it to update at regular and frequent intervals.

The simplest way to achieve this is using the

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="10">
tag for a refresh every ten seconds.

To make the display less jarring in a dark environment i implemented a little Javascript to change the foreground and background colours at certain times of the day.

This, however, caused an unanticipated problem: sometimes the reload would happen slowly enough that there would be a perceptible and annoying flicker of white screen before the background was changed to dark.

After a few failed attempts i settled on this most simple solution: change the style tag to


I hope this is useful to anyone else in a similar situation.